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Start up problem with isochronous usb transfer.

Question asked by nyberg.emil on May 3, 2012
Latest reply on May 8, 2012 by alokm

We are two swedish students trying to implement a camera unit into a circuit board. The company we're writing this report for has developed this platform and our task is to write a protocol that handles the video stream of data coming from a simple webcam (usb connection).

Our main focus for now is to write the code needed to "wake the camera up". Trying to get the start up commands ready and then configure the isochronous pipeline needed for the data transmit. We've been reading most guides available on the entire internet but we're still confused of how to do this... We've managed to set bits to different data registers and understand what an endpoint is, but thats pretty much it. 

So our question is, where do we start? What needs to be done to get the isochronous pipeline camera-->platform up and running?

We do understand that the answer we're looking for isnt that easy to print down in a line or two, but any info would be very appreciated.
We're using Eclipse Platform along with FreeRTOS.

Many thanks in advance.
Emil and Per