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ST-Link+SWIM = error?

Question asked by alexander.bob on Apr 26, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2012 by alexander.bob

I've made my own STM32-based development board. I was using the ST-Link built into the VL Discovery board to program it, and so I made my board with a 4 pin SWIM connector. It's been working fine with my toolchain (Eclipse + Atollic's ST-LINK_gdbserver.exe).

Now I've bought an ST-Link V2, installed the latest ST-Link V2 driver, and connected its SWIM connector (which, admittedly, is labeled 'STM8') to my board. When I try to debug, I get "Error in Initializing ST-Link device".

Is the SWIM connector functional with an STM32, or do I need to pick out the signals from the JTAG connector? Or is ST-LINK_gdbserver incompatible with ST-Link V2? Do I need to change some configuration when switching between the VL Discovery's ST-Link and the ST-Link V2? How can I troubleshoot this?