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Problem with USATT, cant receive anything from X-CTU

Question asked by wang.albert on Apr 24, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2012 by Clive One
Recently migrate from 8bit MCU to 32bit STM32, I like the FW library, but there is a learning curve required. So I am trying to do a printf with USART, after i compiled the program, i cant receive anything. At this point i have no clue what went wrong, so i start debug the clock setting.
I found out my USART_BRR=0x138, which is 35.9424MHZ, while my USART2's PCLK2 is running at 36MHZ, not sure if this is a problem. Anything other than that, i cant think of any. Usually, even when the USART's timing is wrong, it will still receive some garbage at the other end, but i aren't receive anything.

Could anyone take some time, read my code(actually is a reference code from the dev kit company), and kindly point me where i should looking for the bug....thanks!!!