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USB MSD Run time DFU

Question asked by gregoire.heitz on Apr 18, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by gregoire.heitz

I am trying to implement a new project to combine MSD Mass Storage Device with DFU capabilities.

I First play with both MSD ST's example and DFU ST's example separetely.

Then I made a project with Both capabilities combined together.
I simply go from DFU to MSD, or MSD to DFU thanks to a delay.
To do so : I disconnect my USB, set the appropriate PID and initialize a new MSD connection or DFU connection respectively. Thus my host (PC) load the appropriate driver.

Everything work properly.

However, I would like to be in MSD mode by default and enter DFU mode thanks to a software command.
I saw that the Detach DFU command would correspond.
However I am a little confuse about how to do so.

I would be very pleased with any advise,
Thanks in advance