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Using Stm3240g firmware on the Stm32f4Discovery Board - Solved

Question asked by jlc.jlsilicon on Apr 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2012 by Clive One
I am working on Porting over the Stm3240g Board Firmware to the Stm32f4Discovery Board.  The Boards both use the same chip stm32f407 - just different pinouts.  Obviously there are compatibility issues on the Port connections.

* Currently I have BlinkLed working with PC.7 and PE.0 ports.

* I have tried to Enable both of UART2 and UART4 with no success.

* I have successfully connected it via USB as Mass Storage - Windows recognizes the USB Mass Storage - 
BUT it reports as 'Mass Storage fails to start'.  I am using an SDCard connected - like the stm3240g board except that SD_DETECT is switched from PH13 to PH0.  The System_stm324xx_eval.h has PLL_M=25 to PLL_M=8 for Clock which is needed for the USB connection. 
I do not know why the SDCard fails - the Card is tested as working.

Anybody have any ideas ?