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Current consumption with HSEBYP on F103T8

Question asked by Bernhard Weller on Apr 17, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2012 by Bernhard Weller
I'm currently evaluating the current consumption of the F103T8.

The current measured is considerably higher than the one given in the datasheet, but this has been discussed before here (seems to be dependent on the code executed). The problem I'm facing right now is the use of the HSEBYP. I expected the current to be considerably lower using the HSEBYP mode compared to the HSI or an external oscillator with HSE.

I'm using an external squarewave with 2MHz and divide it by 2, to get a system clock of 1MHz. The current I'm measuring is 2,3mA. Using a 4MHz external oscillator, divided by 4 I measure only 1,95mA. If I use a similar configuration with the HSI (divided by 8 then) I get a current consumption of 1,46mA.

These tests were performed at 3V, the debug interface was disconnected.

I guess my configuration contains some error, as I'm very new to the whole ARM Cortex-M3 architecture and the the F103T8 as well.

The code I used is attached (I'm using IAR EWARM). I appreciate any comment on this.