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Interrupts are not getting called in uSDcard project using ARM DS-5

Question asked by patil.suneel on Apr 16, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2012 by Clive One
Hi all,

I am new to working with STM324 microcontrollers. I was running a uSDcard project on STM324 board using Atollic and I did that successfully.

Since we have licensed version of ARM DS-5 I was migrating uSDcard project from Atollic to DS-5. I was able to that to certain extent. ARM DS-5 application is loaded in to RAM(unlike Atollic where application uses flash). I have modified scatter file accordingly.

I used CMSIS drivers and utilities. I succefully ran small projects like LED lighting and LCD display. But for uSDcard project SDcard ISR were not being called. Just to cross check I tried toggling LEDs based on SysTick_Handler. That is also not working.

I verified that the handler is installed by dumping the memory at 0x0000003C and that address does point to the SysTick_Handler. Disassembling SysTick_Handler shows a branch to the function call which I have written in SysTick_Handler, so I think the vector table is properly loaded and contains valid calls.

Can anybody help me to fix this? Thank you in advance.