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Documentation error STM32F40x: Pinning table 6/PA13 missing

Question asked by bil.til on Apr 16, 2012
In the STM32F40x datasheet (Jan. 2012), in pinning table 6 PA1 appears doubled and PA13 is missing (it becomes clear in table 7, that PA13 is SWDIO, but anyway this is an annoying error in such an important table of the datasheet).

One further with for the pinning table 6:
In the reference manual chapter 32.4.3 "Internal pull-up and pull-down on JTAG pins", it is described that these JTAG pins have some special reset state of the GPIO pull-up/down configuration - presumably this info is also given in the GPIO description, reset state. But for hardware/PCB designer I think it would be VERY useful, if you could add a further footnote to table 6, where you specify this circumstance clearly also in table 6 for the corresponding JTAG pins.