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I2S/SPI Interrupts

Question asked by pauley.christopher on Apr 12, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2012 by Stuart
Hi, I have a problem with an I2S master receive connection, using SPI2. SPI2_DR is receiving values, so the I2S is working on some level, but none of the interrupts I have set are being generated. RXNE is 1, meaning data was received, and I have the receive interrupt enabled (RXNEIE), but no interrupts are occurring. My program is just stuck in its while loop in main, but it should be stuck in SPI2_IRQHandler. Any ideas of what is up?

The OVR bit is also set to 1 (since I don't care about reading the data register because interrupts aren't even working), so I also figured I would set ERRIE to see if an error interrupt occurs, but had no luck with that either.