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SDIO with clock managment SDCard Timeout

Question asked by bielak.lukas on Apr 12, 2012
I am disabling SDIO Clock in RCC module after each block write and enabling before. Some card works property, but some give response timeout after command:

    SDIO_CmdInitStructure.SDIO_Argument = (uint32_t) BlockSize;
    SDIO_CmdInitStructure.SDIO_CmdIndex = SD_CMD_SET_BLOCKLEN;
    SDIO_CmdInitStructure.SDIO_Response = SDIO_Response_Short;
    SDIO_CmdInitStructure.SDIO_Wait = SDIO_Wait_No;
    SDIO_CmdInitStructure.SDIO_CPSM = SDIO_CPSM_Enable;

Problem does not exist when SDIO clock in RCC module is enabled always.
Did anyone have similiar problem ?