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SDIO Wide Bus Enable Issue

Question asked by Tabulous on Apr 11, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2012 by kraft.tobias
In my diskio.c wrapper for fatfs file system i have now got the problem of not been able to enable 4bit wide bus on SDIO. Below is the functions i call in disk_initailse().

errorstatus = SD_Init();
errorstatus = SD_GetCardInfo( &SDCardInfo );
errorstatus = SD_SelectDeselect( (uint32_t)(SDCardInfo.RCA << 16 ));
errorstatus = SD_EnableWideBusOperation( SDIO_BusWide_4b );

If i just run this my code will loop here in FindSCR forever more.

        if ( SDIO_GetFlagStatus( SDIO_FLAG_RXDAVL ) != RESET )
            *( tempscr + index ) = SDIO_ReadData();

If however i place a break point on SD_Init(), and then single step over the functions one by one, volia !! it works fine, so going slow is the option, i suspect there is some more dodgy code somewhere in the st lib.

Anyone care to comment on this please as this SDIO interface is be coming a pain in the *ss.