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No output from DAC @STM32F103VExx

Question asked by soni.rajan on Apr 10, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by soni.rajan
I am a university undergrad and I am designing a Digital storage oscilloscope. I need the micro controller's DAC output for DC voltage. I have seen the sample code and I know how to setup the timer, link the DMA to DAC. The code seems to be working fine on STM32VLdiscovery board, but when I run it on my STM32F103VET6 processor there is no output from DAC i.e. 0V. I would like to clarify:
- I have made the board myself but I have made sure that all the connections are as per the datasheet.
- I have given Vref+ as 3.3V , Vref- as GND as well. All the decaps are in place too.
- All other peripheral are working fine, it is just the DAC which does not seem to be working.

One problem could be with the DAC 12-bit right align config adddress i.e. 
#define DAC_DHR12RD_Address      0x40007420.
I reckon this should be different for STM32f103VExx than STM32f100RBxx. The code is exactly the same as "DualModeDMA_SineWave".