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Startup Problem

Question asked by Jacobs.Carl.001 on Apr 5, 2012
Latest reply on May 2, 2012 by head.christopher
Hi, I need some ideas on a problem I'm experiencing.
I have an STM32F2xx based product (an automotive sensor of sorts) which has just started field testing. The electrical interface to the product is 4 wires - +V, GND, CAN+ and CAN-.
Most of the time the product starts fine (as observed by the CAN stream), but every so often the product does not appear to start. I have not yet personally observed the fault - only seen the evidence of it. There are two variations:
1) If the product starts correctly, then it does not appear to stop working at any stage.
2) If the product doesn't start, then it wont recover until the next power cycle.
I am suspicious that the STM32 is somehow entering boot loader mode on startup. I have 10K pull down resistors on Boot 0 and Boot 1. The boot loader mode does not appear to have any sort of time out, which could explain why it gets stuck.
Has anybody else experienced anything similar?