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ST32F217 with STE100P. How to configure PHY address?

Question asked by huston007 on Apr 4, 2012
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STE100P how to set PHY address?
Hello. Im trying to using an STE100P PHY ethernet chip (with ST32F217 MCU). 
In the datasheet for STE100P i see an description for bits 7~3 PAD4:0 in PR20- XMC, XCVR Mode control register :

     (page 15 of datasheet )
PHY Address [4:0]:
The values of the PAD[4:0] pins are latched to this register at 
power-up/reset. The first PHY address bit transmitted or 
received is the MSB of the address (bit 4). A station 
management entity connected to multiple PHY entities must 
know the appropriate address of each PHY. A PHY address of 
<00000> that is latched in to the part at power-up/reset will 
cause the Isolate bit of the PR0 (bit 10, register address 00h) 
to be set. 
After power up/reset the only way to enable or disable isolate 
mode is to set or clear the Isolate bit (bit 10) PR0. After power 
up/reset writing <00000> to bits [4:0] of this register will not 
cause the part to enter isolate mode.

But i cant see any of PAD[4:0] pins in chip pins ( 
How can i set PHY address for STE100P?