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Question asked by kandziora.paul on Mar 25, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2012 by alokm
Hi. I am new user of STM32F4 microcontroller. Previously, I used PIC32 and PIC18 devices, but they don't have installed SDIO module "on board". So, I bought STM32F4-Discovery Evaluation Board and I am trying to work on it. The most important step on it is to use SDIO interface, but the examples aren't very clear for me. I found some examples on the Internet, but it is not going easy to implement it and make it work. Everything is well connected to the board (SD-card <--> STM32F4 ).
Below I am writng links to sites, where I found the software (SDIO):

I have understand GPIO's and otehr things, but it still doesn't want to run.
So here is my question:
1. Does anybody know a usable source of software or exemple project with very simple SDIO procedure (write/read sector). Or maybe someone would give some advices, how to manage with the problem?
2. Maybe someone of you have measured the advantages of using SDIO interface in comparision to SPI-SD interface? (current consumption, speed of interface...).