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Problem with DFU mode.

Question asked by mateusz on May 20, 2011
Latest reply on May 20, 2011 by beffumo.fabio

I have problem with updating firmware in STEVAL-MKI062V2. According to manual to update it I have to switch board into DFU mode, but system doesn't see the device in this mode. Below I wrote out in few steps what I did. I checked it for both Windows 7(x64) and Windows XP SP3.

1. Installation of whole software from CD: iNEMO Suit, DfuSe etc.
2. Plug device via usb cable
3. Check if it works correctly with iNEMO Suit.  - It worked fine. I was able to capture some data.
4. Try to go into DFU mode from iNEMO Suit option. - It displays a message that device has been switched into DFU mode, but programs "STDFU Tester" and "DfuSe Demonstration" seems to not see it. Moreover system Device Manager doesn't see it too.
5. Turn off device. Hold button SW2. Turn on device. - System shows information about installation failure.

If someone had similar problem I would be grateful for any information.