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DMA based SPI communication with NSS

Question asked by s.m. on Mar 6, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2012 by alokm
while studying the STM32F4xx datasheet i found the following passage:
25.3.1: "The NSS signal is driven low when the master starts the communication and is kept low until the SPI is disabled." 
This leads me to the conclusion, that it is nearly impossible to use SPI in conjuction with DMA. At least, if you need to deselect a slave-part after each transmitted word/byte. This is the case for my application, where an adc gets read out via SPI. It needs to be deselected and selected to start a new conversion. Does anybody know, how this could be realized with the STM32Fxxx? A pure sw-solution is possible, but it would be great using DMA instead of CPU/IRQ to copy the data into RAM.