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Using USB OTG as a device

Question asked by Wood.Robert on Feb 25, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2012 by Wood.Robert
I need to use a F105 as I need CAN and USB at the same time. I need to connect it up with a B type connector as a device only. The manual talks about device and peripheral, but I always thought they were the same thing.

I currently have an F103 setup as a device (virtual com port) and I quite simple want the same with the F105.

The manual shows a connection in Manual Doc ID 13902 Rev 9 Figure 262 of a USB peripheral-only connection, but just above it descibes a B-Device and Peripheral only connections. I am not clear whether I need a B-Device or a Peripheral setup.

If I need the B-Device, it talks about connecting the ID line to the B-Side of the USB cable. However, it doesn't say which of the four cores.

Would someone be able to clarify:

a. What's the deifference between a B Device and a Peripheral?
b. What do I need for a bog-standard VCP
c. How should I wire between STM32 and B connector for the VCP?

Many thanks!