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Unable to properly initialize lis3mdl via spi and via i2c

Question asked by zewde.mahlet on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by AvaTar
I am using the lis3mdl sensor with msp430 microcontroller sensor, the initial plan was to use SPI interface but it turns out the SDI pin was acting like an output pin instead of receiving data from the micro-controller. Then I switched to i2c but  the sensor when connecting  the vdd io and vdd to the vcc of the micro controller the program was unable to debug and gives power supply error. I believe it is hardware error. Does any one has faced similar problems?
Note that all the proper connections were made as shown in the datasheet.

My other question is is there any detailed information on how to initialize the lis3mdl via SPI?  because the data provided on the datasheet and application is not very descriptive.

The last question is when using the I2c mode should I connect the CS pin to ground? what about the int pin should I connect it to GND if I don´t use the pin?