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New STM32 MicroXplorer v2.0

Question asked by Steve Meirowsky on Feb 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2012 by kaufer.raig
The new STM32 MicroXplorer v2.0 is now ready for download, per an automated email that I received from ST.  The web page says v1.1, but after downloading, the contents says v2.0 and I verified after I installed it.  After you install it, look in the installation directory for the new user manual too.  Version 2.0 supports all STM32 devices as of February 2012, except STM32L15xx(C-D) and STM32L162xx.  This software is freeware package for Windows to help allocate and configure peripheral mapping to STM32 IC pins.
I updated this information in the wikipedia article too.