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Fatal error-NO MCU found?

Question asked by Rio on Feb 11, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2012 by Clive One
Last night I was working with my STM32L and everything was working properly. I had loaded some code to flash the leds. I had the board set up on a bread board and was using the the external 3v power supply pins to power a separate circuit.

After about an hour working with the circuit, I went to go back and load some code onto the board, but now  I am coming up with  this when I try to download and debug: "Fatal error: No MCU found". I am a little bit bewildered as to why this is happening. I checked the the ST-link drivers and re installed them to no avail. Did I  fry the board with too much amperage going into the external 3v? My circuit is using approx. 12mA. I checked the voltage off the 3v pin and its still reading fine.

I  happen to own a new board, so I plugged that into my pc alone without  the external circuit I was building... and it worked fine, was able to download my code onto the board

Any suggestions on what is happening here or how to fix this if it is fixable would be greatly appreciated..