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STM32F2 : How to Remove Flash Read Protection Level 1 ( Level 1 back to level 0) ?

Question asked by tran.thai.001 on Feb 11, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2012 by tran.thai.001
Hello all. I have a trouble with STM32F2 MCU's Read Protection. I've accidentaly activate the Flash Read protection to Protection level 1 ( Option Byte 1 (0x40023c15) = 0xFF ). Now I can not Program the Flash memory any more by JTAG ( I use Lauterbach  & also IAR Debug with Jlink ). & can not change the Flash Option register value.
Please help me how to remove (unprotect) the Read Protection by JTAG or by some other ways? I know that it will cause Flash mass erase but that's not a problem, I can program it again. Thanks a lot for any ideas :-)