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Serial data from GPS to Bluetooth via STM32F103

Question asked by mbavaro on Feb 9, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2012 by mbavaro
Hi all,

I am looking for suggestions on how to design the data forwarding between a GPS receiver and a BT transceiver. It is a custom board where I have no flow-control available.

The first version I implemented does a pure data forwarding from GPS to BT (there is no parser of what comes from the GPS or BT yet) by simply polling on RXNE on USART3 (GPS) and TXE on USART1 (BT). It works well when the data rate is well below 115200bps but fails (it locks, I suspect it overruns) when the data rate goes higher.
As a matter of fact, the polling example of the STM default peripheral library is done at 9600bps. So does the interrupt example.
Did anyone experience similar behaviour when processing high (>115200) data rates from USARTs?
Should I look at DMA to transfer quickly from one USART to another? Peripheral to peripheral or passing through memory, especially thinking that I will need parsing the GPS data at some point soon?

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