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stm32-p107 spi

Question asked by scott.michael on Feb 3, 2012
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I am trying to get the SPI interface to work so that I can access the microSD card on the board. However I find that I cannot put the card into SPI mode, when sending CMD0 (go to idle) I read back 0, instead of the expected value of 1. Has anyone else come across this? I am using the example code from olimex as a base.

Here is my initialisation code:

/* Enable SPIy Periph clock */
RCC_APB1PeriphClockCmd(RCC_APB1Periph_SPI3, ENABLE);
/* Enable GPIOA, GPIOB, GPIOC, GPIOD, GPIOE and AFIO clocks */

/* Configure the MMC_CS (SS) output pin */
GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Pin = GPIO_Pin_4;
GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Speed = GPIO_Speed_50MHz;
GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Mode = GPIO_Mode_AF_PP;
GPIO_Init(GPIOA, &GPIO_InitStructure);

/* Configure the UEXT_CS pin as output */
GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Pin = GPIO_Pin_15;
GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Speed = GPIO_Speed_50MHz;
GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Mode = GPIO_Mode_AF_PP;
GPIO_Init(GPIOB, &GPIO_InitStructure);

/* Configure SCK and MOSI output pins */
GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Pin = GPIO_Pin_10 | GPIO_Pin_12;
GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Speed = GPIO_Speed_50MHz;
GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Mode = GPIO_Mode_AF_PP;
GPIO_Init(GPIOC, &GPIO_InitStructure);

/* Configure MISO input pin */
GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Pin = GPIO_Pin_11;
GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Speed = GPIO_Speed_50MHz;
GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Mode = GPIO_Mode_IPU;//GPIO_Mode_IN_FLOATING;//
GPIO_Init(GPIOC, &GPIO_InitStructure);

/* Rempa SPI3 to pins used in above initialisation */
GPIO_PinRemapConfig(GPIO_Remap_SPI3, ENABLE);

SPI_InitStructure.SPI_Direction = SPI_Direction_2Lines_FullDuplex;
SPI_InitStructure.SPI_Mode = SPI_Mode_Master;
SPI_InitStructure.SPI_DataSize = SPI_DataSize_8b;
SPI_InitStructure.SPI_NSS = SPI_NSS_Soft;
SPI_InitStructure.SPI_FirstBit = SPI_FirstBit_MSB;
SPI_InitStructure.SPI_CRCPolynomial = 7;
SPI_InitStructure.SPI_BaudRatePrescaler = SPI_BaudRatePrescaler_256;
SPI_InitStructure.SPI_CPOL = SPI_CPOL_Low;
SPI_InitStructure.SPI_CPHA = SPI_CPHA_1Edge;
SPI_Init(SPI3, &SPI_InitStructure);

// Clock Freq. Identification Mode < 400kHz 

/* Enable SPI3 */

Any help is appreciated.