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Slower FSMC memory transfer by DMA possible? (Time triggered?)

Question asked by bil.til on Jan 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2012 by bil.til
I invested already complete afternoon, but I cannot come further, perhaps somebody could give me a hint?

I need to read data from a parallel bus (16 bit wide) with a reduced frequency of typically 1-5MHz (should be adjustable by configuration). The bus is connected to FSMC.

I hoped that this might work with some timer, and some DMA. I successfully tested the STM32F4-StdPeripheral-Lib example DMA-FLASH_RAM. This works nicely, but much too fast (I need it much slower in this case). I also tested the DAC_SignalGeneration example, this works with Timer trigger - but here a special trigger functionality of the DAC module is used, which is lacking in the FSMC - I do not see any trigger channel there.

Anybody has a hint how to control the read cycle time for DMA fetch from FMSC?