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Timer description in Manual: Errors + wishes

Question asked by bil.til on Jan 28, 2012
In the STM32F4 I found some minor errors in the timer descriptions:
- Page 395 - Description SMCR-TS for Timer 2...5: Should refer to Table 62, not 60 (Table 60 is referred at some points in the manual, but it does not exist). Further at TS=000 and TS=011 it should say "Internal Trigger 0 / 3 (ITR0/3)".
- In the STM32F415xx,STM32F417xx Datasheet in Table 5 (Pin and Ball descriptions) it often says "TIMx_CHI", but correct would be "TIMx_CH1" (just search for _CHI, then you will see).
-In ref manual on Page 395, desc. TIMx_SMCR for Timer 2-5, the edge filter configuration bits are present in the "register graph", but not in the description. Are there edge filter in Timer 2-5 or not?

It would be nice, if there would be a timer comparison table in the reference manual (similar to the max timer speed table in the datasheet, which is very helpful). They you could clearly see, which bits are implemented for which timers. E. g. a table with 16 columns: Column 1 Bit Nr., Column 2 short desc., Column 3-16 get a crossmark in the corresponding line, if this bit is available for Timer 1-14. (perhaps use one page for every register). Perhaps in this table also invest one column for AHB-Nr (Max Frequ.).
Also perhaps please add a table with the main timer functionalities against Timer-Nr., so that you clearly see e. g. how many Output compare channels for each timer, or which timers have QEI counting possibility, which have filters, ... . (Maybe this table even would be more helpful than the specific bit table - but I think bit table also very helpful - for a beginner e. g. it is very difficult to recognize the very important MOE bit, which must be set only for TIM1/TIM8).

It would be nice, if at desc. of Bitfield TIMx_SMCR-SMS (e. g. on page 436) at 111 External Clock mode 1, there would be added the hint "Please set MMS in register TIMx_CR2 of the Trigger source to some non-zero value, e. g. to '10'. ". I needed some hours to get this running, and I found the solution only by the hint of some ingeneous angel (I think so).

Further it would be nice, if in the AF-Table after the Pin-/Ball descriptions in the datasheet you could add an additional column, which in a fast way shows you, which pin is available in which package - this is a quite important question, if I have a list of peripherals I need, and then I want to look for the smallest package, in which this application would fit.