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Question asked by Luke on Jan 26, 2012
The STM32F10x series of MCU's make use of the ARM Private Peripheral Bus address 0xE0042000 to implement a MCU IDCODE with a revision ID and a device ID.  I am using the STM32W, and nowhere in the documentation can I find any mention of this being done.  I would like this so that my flash programmer driver can identify which particular chip it is flashing (64/128/192/256kb).

Does anybody know or have any experience with whether or not the STM32W series have some sort of DEVICE ID hard coded into them?  I know that these devices are nearly identical to the Ember EM351 & EM357 devices, the differences being RAM.  The data sheets for those devices don't seem to indicate that they use the DBGMCU_IDCODE either, so if autodetecting the device is possible.