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Issue when doing DCMI capture

Question asked by ostojic.dragan on Jan 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2012 by AMSN
I have STM32F207 connected to the Aptina camera module. I use DCMI->DMA->PSRAM. I configured DMA in dual buffer mode to capture full resolution (5 MP). Capture is single shot.
The problem I see is as follows:

1st capture is OK. Before the next capture, I don't reset DMA, just enable DMA and DCMI capture. I get all interrupts but the first chunk never gets streamed into memory. Subsequent chunks are DMA'ed fine. I don't see any errors. If I reset DMA I get full capture.

For the moment I put a workaround where I make DMA chunk small (a few hundred pixels) to minimize corruption.

Has anyone encountered this issue and perhaps solved it?