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Why are resistors required on the boot pins?

Question asked by bil.til on Jan 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2012 by malund.erik
on the pins BOOT0, and also BOOT1 if used, the demo boards as STM32F4Discovery or others always use a resistor in line with the pin. The value varies quite much - in the AN3320 reference design, they use 10kOhm, in the Discovery-board, they use 510Ohm to GND and 10kOhm to VDD (510 ohm, as the 10kOhm always is present - so 510 ohms should pull BOOT0 down to 510/10000*3V3 < 0.2V).

In the Datasheet or in the app notes I do not find any explanation for this. Anybody knows, why to use resistors here?