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STM32F207 and WVGA 7 inches TFT LCD

Question asked by johsey on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2012 by johsey

I plan to use a STM32F207 MCU in order to display pictures stored in a SD card on a controller-less 7 inches TFT display (WVGA, 800x480, 18bpp). The pictures are static.

Is it possible to interface such a display with the STM32F207 without the use of an external LCD controller?

If yes, what should I be aware of in order to implement this STM32F207 based TFT LCD controller (SRAM speed, SDIO speed, ...)?

If no, what are the other solutions (obsolescence is a major factor)?

Note: the STM32F207 will be used for other purposes too and the TFT LCD display is the Hitachi TX18D35VM0AAA.

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