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FreeRTOS + ST USB Device Library : Crash

Question asked by lasserre.serge on Jan 11, 2012
Pb with FreeRTOS and USB
We are working on the STM3220-G Evaluation Board.
We are using IAR compiler [V6.2] and running a test application with FreeRTOS [7.0.2] and the STM32_F105-07_F2xx_USB-Host-Device_Lib_V2.0.0
The USB is used as Device, asVirtual Com Port.

I've already a problem of compatibilty because of interrupt priorities (see discussion "
Pb with FreeRTOS and USB")

Now, as soon as I create a new task on FreeRTOS, my application systematically crashes (HardFault_Handler)
I am not sure that the USB Stack of ST is compatible with FreeRTOS because of the interrupts needed by the USB stack.

Can someone help me?