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Make use of the 64k CCM

Question asked by overgaard.jorgen on Jan 11, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by dembek.radoslaw.001
I've spent (too many) hours trying to figure out how to use the CCM for something useful.
And with useful I mean easy access from my code written in C. I use GNU GCC, etc
(the Yagarto toolchain).
At first I thought that putting some variable, array into a specified section, let's call it .ccm, (and of course the appropriate lines in the linker script) would be the solution.
For example:

uint8_t test[1024] __attribute__ ((section(".cmm")));

Well, it works... Kind of... :-/
I compiles and links nicely. Checking the memory map/dump of the generated ELF-file I see that the array is located @0x1000 0000
However, producing a binary image produces a LARGE 100+MB file. Doing a hex-file makes it smaller but will not load into ST-Link Utility (file too large to fit, it says)

Now... That's probably due to the gap between 0x1000 FFFF and 0x2000 0000

The part in the linker script is something like (under the SECTIONS part)
.ccm :
  .= ALING(4);
  .= ALIGN(4);

And CCM is defined under MEMORY as
  CCRAM    (rwx)      : ORIGIN = 0x10000000, LENGTH = 64K

Also tried to use NOLOAD to make it NOBITS instead of PROGBITS but it still takes
up space in the binary or hex-file. Removing the section with objcopy and --remove-section .ccm does nothing to help either.

Isn't there anyway of makeing your own section behave like the .bss section and not
taking space in the image?

I hope I make sense with my problem/question.

Best regards // Jörgen