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Problem to execute a TEST application on the SPC56EL70L5

Question asked by garofano.vittorio on Feb 19, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by Erwan Y
I'm starting to use a SPC56L-Discovery board that I connect with the PC through the SPC5-UDESTK jtag-usb adapter. I installed the SPC5Studio and the UDE 4.0 to debug my board and load programs on it.
But I have a "strange" error following the steps of the document AN4321 “Getting started with the SPC56LDiscovery”. In fact, all goes perfectly when I generate and compile the application, but when I try to debug it (and automatically it opens the UDE) I have this error:

-Message from component 'PpcJtagTargIntf' :
Can't connect target !

Message from component 'PpcJtagTargIntf' :
No Lockstep mode on target detected when using LSM configuration !

Message from component 'PpcJtagTargIntf' :
No JTAG client found !
Please check:
- target power supply
- JTAG cable connection
- target configuration

Message from component 'UDEDebugServer' :
Unable to establish connection . To correct the situation, check configuration file entries and try again.

Someone could help me? I don't know what I can do.
Thanks to all