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Error "Invalid ROM table" for Keil ULINK debug interface

Question asked by bil.til on Jan 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2012 by bil.til
I have the MCBSTM32F400 development board - this worked fine up to now. Now I wanted to write some new complex application (trying to "re-target" a USB MSC example of ST for this board). When I loaded the new code (by pressing the debug button in uVision), the loading somehow was not the same as before with the demo application: If I remember correctly, somehow the system tried to load 2 times. Then it switched off the debug mode automatically. Now if I try anything else (also when I try to load the original Keil demo application, or any very simple Blinky example), I get the Error "Invalid ROM table" (title of this small error window: "ULINK - Cortex-M error").

Anybody has any idea, what this means, or how to handle it?