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Serial port sniffing

Question asked by lowpowermcu on Jan 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2012 by Legrand.Thomas.001
Hi all,

I am debugging an xmodem trasfer between my STM32 device and my hyperterminal.
I am facing some issues to make the trasfer succeed.
I need a free sreial port sniffer that gives me all details of the transfer while hyperterminal is opened.
I have found some tools on internet but they all need the serial port to be open.
For example I have found "Advanced Serial Port Monitor" but it can't open the port while hyperterminal has already opened the port.
So my question is there a tool that makes a simple read "sniffing" of serial port buffer without requiring to control (open/close) the port.
A potential solution is to use another PC where I sniff the data but I have a problem of area.
I hope I am clear and thanks in advance.

MCU Lüfter