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STEVAL-MKI159V1 connection to Raspberry PI 3

Question asked by iglesias.jose on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2016 by Marian L@ST
Hello everyone. This is my first posting on this forum. I am an electrical engineering major completing a senior design project. I am designing a smartwatch and I purchased the STEVAL MKI159V1 motion sensor and this will be my first time working with the Raspberry PI 3 microcomputer and my first time working with a motion sensor. My question is where can I find instructions on how to connect the STEVAL MKI159V1 that contains the LSM9DS1 to the Raspberry PI 3 via the I2C connection on the Raspberry PI 3.? This was not taught in my EE education and I want to make sure it is connected correctly. I plan on measuring the motion sensor data and eventually filtering out any noise. Thank you for any input you can give me.