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stm32f4-discovery usb host + bluetooth dongle

Question asked by bezymenko.vitaly on Dec 29, 2011

I'm writing the subj code, using btstack project ( and ST libs.

After fixing couple things in ST libs, I've got partial success (several commands and events are exchanged between host and device).

Now I've encountered rather strange behaviour when trying to enable ACL IN (extra usb input channel). I tracked it down to writing HCCHAR and HCTSIZ regs for the extra channel (which cause the breakdown).

My code is based upon input processing in MSC and HID examples.

Can somebody answer my questions on stm32 usb host rx fifo design?

The first question is: is it ok to access pdev->regs.DFIFO[0] (rather than indexed by the channel accessed) in USB_OTG_ReadPacket() as ST libs do?