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USB HS Hi-Speed: Alternative ULPI Transceiver?

Question asked by bil.til on Dec 27, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by Ivan Zuev
On the Keil MCB-STM32F400 demo board (which is very nice), for Hi-Speed USB they use the STULPI01B chip. This chip has the disadvantage, that it is available only in BGA housing (I do not want BGA chips on my PCB).

There are alternative Hi-Speed USB ULPI chips available from SMSC (3317 - available also in QFN package with free pads - also has 15kV ESD protection compared to 2kV for the ST device), further from TI (TUSB1210, alos QFN with free pads, 2kV ESD) or from NXP (ISP1507C, QFN, 4kV ESD).

In the older ST boards STM3220G-EVAL/STM3221G-EVAL they used the ULPI chip ISP1705AET of NXP, but this chip seems to be no more available (I am even not sure of this chip ISP1507C - you can get the datasheet from the NXP site, but it is no more included in any product selectors).

Anybody has any experience with different ULPI USB transceivers, especially with the SMSC 331x or some other transceivers of SMSC?