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After calling NVIC_GenerateSystemReset(); the system collapse

Question asked by zhang.chunyu on Dec 23, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2011 by Clive One

i am programming the bootloader for the stm32f103c8 mcu.  The SW has bootloader part and application part.  In the application I use the function NVIC_GenerateSystemReset() to reset the mcu to the bootloader mode. In the debug mode( the Jlink ist connected to the board), the bootloader works well, the user code can be downloaded to the mcu over the can bus. but If I dont use the  debugger. the SW collapse after the function NVIC_GenerateSystemReset() is called. The user code can not be downloaded.

The interrupt vector  address I used is following
  bootloader :0x0800 0000
 Application: 0x0800  4000

I have  investigated in this problem for a week long and can not solve this problem.

Can somebody help me, it is driving me crazy!

best Regards