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How to get Timer to initiate a DMA request from SPI or any peripheral

Question asked by Chin.Kenrick on Dec 21, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2011 by Chin.Kenrick
(I moved my question to here from STM32F4-DISCOVERY. Thought this would be the proper place to ask for help).

I am using TIM2_CH3 configured for a DMA1 request on Stream1_Channel3. On Output Compare I would like TIM2_CH3 to trigger SPI1 to begin a DMA2 request on Stream5_Channel3.

How do I associate the TIM2_CH3 event with SPI1 DMA2 using Stream5_Channel3 (for example)?

Do I just trigger a DMA1 to transfer memory to SPI1->DR?

I don't understand the usage of TIM-DMABase in TIM_DCR register. Is this only to perform a DMA transfer between a TIM register and memory?