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CC Timer Interrupt (STM32F102RBT6)

Question asked by jayteemo on Dec 16, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2011 by jayteemo
Using a general purpose timer (TIM3), with a constant frequency I would like to be able to occasionally generate an interrupt on CC3 using a variable count for CCR3.  
I do not want to generate a PWM signal or change the state of the output.  I just would like to use the CC3 interrupt simply for timing.
I have the timer base for TIM3 configured as desired, but can't correctly setup the CC3 channel.
My interrupt (TIM_IT_CC3) is firing when TIM3 rolls over, not when the CCR3 value is reached.
Using the driver, I have set the mode to TIM_OCMode_Timing and then set the pulse value to my desired time interval.
What am I missing?