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Yagarto vs Raisonance

Question asked by Jacobs.Carl.001 on Dec 16, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2011 by Jacobs.Carl.001
I'm using a makefile to build my application - I'm not a huge fan of IDE's.

By setting my PATH environment variable (in Win32 system) to the Raisonance toolchain everything builds fine and runs fine on my STM32F2.

By setting my PATH environment variable to the Yagarto toolchain everything builds fine (same errors and a very similar sized output) but the code does not run!

I do "make clean, make all" for both tests.

Put up here just in case somebody else wastes a day chasing their compiler in circles.

Yagarto is V4.6.0.
Raisonance is V4.3.2