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L3GD20H Wrong I2C Address

Question asked by smith.andrew.007 on Mar 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by Marian L@ST
I've got a board with a Gyro (L3GD20H) and Accel/Mag (LSM303D).  I'm interfacing with the sensors using I2C.  I can communicate with the Accel/Mag without issues.  However, the Gyro is showing up at (7bit) address 0x68 and it should be 0x6A (since SA0 is low).  I'm able to dump the registers and some of them are correct (WHO_AM_I), however, the data isn't correct.  I've scoped the lines and they look OK, it's just responding at the wrong address.  I've attached the scope readings and the schematic.

Has anyone seen this before?  I've probed all the pins and they look correct.