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STM32F4 Generic USB Advice

Question asked by glaser.oli on Dec 12, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2012 by gamble.bryce
Hi all,

I'm completely new to ARM and ST, having mainly used Microchips offering previously. Thinking it was time to branch out a bit and liking the look of the new ST stuff, I grabbed the new F4 Discovery board a few days ago.  

Anyway, I have got a few examples up and running and am beginning to find my way around the documentation and chip. 
The project I am planning to use the F4 in would require a generic USB OTG interface, so I am looking for any good examples/documentation for this.
For example, with the PIC32 I used the Generic MCHPUSB, LibUSB and WinUSB drivers, so something along these lines which doesn't require writing a new driver would be useful.
I read that there is an ST driver available in this document (page 72) which is also used for DFU. Since our project would require DFU this would fit well, but it doesn't actually mention the name of the driver in the document and I cannot find anything about it on ST's website.  
Could anyone point me in the right direction please? Any help would be much appreciated. Example firmware (I'm using Atolic for now) or documentation, relevant links from St's site, etc. I've not got to know my way around any of this yet so am probably missing plenty.