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Problem: ADC configuration of regular channel and injected channel.

Question asked by zhang.chunyu on Dec 3, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by shinde.shreekant.001

I need help. I want to use both the regualar channel and injected channel in my project.
The injected channels are configured in injected simulataneous Dual mode,  single conversion, scan mode. The ADC1 is started with the pwm(ADC will also stared simultaneous with ADC2). It works well  with injected channel.

Now I have to use another two adc channels to be configured as regular channel in ADC1 and I dont know how to configre it. My concret questions are following.
  1.  Does the configuration of the mode ( single mode/scan mode/continous mode/dual mode) apply to both regular channel and injected channel. Or we can configure the regular channel and injected channel seperately.

2. I want to start the regular channel  in the main() function every 1ms. It is possible to set the number of channel to be one although I have 2 channels. For example, I have channel 4 and 5 as regular channel.  First I start the first conversion of  channel 4 and read the result,  then I modify the channel to be converted to be channel 5( i think modify the sqrx register) and start another conversion for channel 5.  Will this work?

3.  Is there a better way to configure the two regular channels?

Thank you for help!

best regard
Chunyu Zhang