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FAT32 problem stm32f205

Question asked by ozturk.engin on Nov 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2012 by damien.benetto
Hi Everybody,

i m working on a project that needs data logging. I use FATFs ( Chan-FAT32 ) but i have a problem that described below:( I've formatted the SD card on PC with FAT32 )

I try to create a .txt file, and created correctly in STM32F205. I try to save long data ( about 700Mbytes ) on an SD card with 1 GB capacity. I plugged the SD card into my PC, there appears a .txt file in size of 700Mbytes, coreectly. But I opened the file in PC, 480 MB of 700 MB has meaningful data, the rest has null data. After that, i created two files on SD, one is 300 MB( first created ) the other is 400 MB ( second created ). I plugged the SD card into PC again. Total size is correct. File which first created(300MB) has meaningful data. 180 MB of second file (400MB) has meaningful data but rest of it has null data. 

As a result, i only write 480 MB meaningful data but rest is null data. I couldn't find any bug. Is there anybody who faces with the same problem? How can i overcome this problem?

Thank you very much.