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stlink/v2 debugger unable to connect

Question asked by kantha on Nov 23, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2011 by Clive One

I am unable to connect the stlink debugger using stlink utility program. My board contains stm32f103ZET6 controller, 512KB flash, 2K per page,
I am unable to read device information.

But i am able to connect my other board with stm32f103R8T6 to stllink debugger and able to flash and debug,

I am using 5 JTAG pins for IO purpose,
to enable and disable JTAG i am using PC13 as select jumper to switch between JTAG and IO using following code logic,

        GPIOC->CRH &= 0xFF0FFFFF; //PC13 for enable/disable JTAG (FACTORY SETTING)
        GPIOC->CRH |= 0x00400000;

        if((GPIOC->IDR &= 0x2000) == 0)
        AFIO->MAPR &= 0xFBFFFFFF;

        AFIO->MAPR |= 0x04000000;

I am able to flash the program and work with my application correctly using H-Flasher,
I have to fine tune my code, so i need to connect debugger,
i am unable to do it.

PLs give me suitable solution