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trouble STM32F103ZET6 make reset on warm up !!!

Question asked by muller.markus on Nov 21, 2011

I have a very big problem. I have change the code and then when I make the board warm to 40°C..60°C, the processor make a reset.
If I revert my change, then I can warm up the procoessor like coocing and no reset is coming.

I have find the line:
Work well:
  return((UINT16)((tempCount32+2) / 4));
Work not:
  return((UINT16)((tempCount32+2) >> 2));

But: the processor do not jump into this line!!!

Then I want look about the assembler code, but when I add in the makefile:
 -Wa,-ahlms=$(addprefix $(OBJDIR), $(<:.c=.lst))
then the processor make a reset after warm up, without change vom code!

I have no idea what I have make wrong.

Compiler: Coudesourdery, -O1
After temperatur reset, in the register RCC->CSR, the upper 8 bit have "0x14", look like SW-Reset, no Watchdog!

After this reset, the processor start and work for some ms and make a reset again until the chip is cold.

I have test it with a lot of Boards an three PC's.

Please, help me!

My guess is that the debug unit reset the processor, because the Status-Register RCC->CSR look like the same when I download a new program by JTAG.

Best Regards Markus