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Full upgrade of flash

Question asked by xadamus on Nov 20, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2011 by xadamus
I want to write procedure that upgrades code in internal flash. It will be full upgrade of flash with executing mass erase command, so I should copy upgrade procedure to ram, execute it from ram and upgrade program.
And I have questions:
1. when I copying function to RAM, i copying data from flash address to ram address, but how detect size of function (it will not be only one function but more functions, so I want collect them...)
2. how to execute program from RAm after copy ? simple jump ?
3. how tell the linker to locate pocedures in flash at specified address ? (I want them to be inside first page of flash)
4. how tell the linker to locate some constants at special flash address ? (for veryfing flash contents)

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