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max flow with lwip, for 4 tcp serveur

Question asked by cell.num on Nov 18, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2011 by cell.num

sorry for my english, but i'm french.

I use the stack LWIP with stm32F107VC. 
I have create 4 TCP serveur (port 5001,5002,5003,5004).
When a connect client of port TCP (exemple 5001), i send a string (1400 bytes) every 5,4ms.
The data rate is about 2,4Mbits/s.
But the problem is, if i connecte an others client of an others port (exemple 5002), and i send an others string (1400 bytes) every 5,4ms.
then, serveur TCP generate an error of trafic TCP (look with wireshark) in a few minutes.

So, I want to create 4 TCP server that can be sent to 10Mbit / s each.

My systick is 10Khz and my sysclock is 72Mhz
I try with board KEIL STM32C and ST STM3210C-EVAL. The problem is the same